Using multiple SIMs / eSIMs on your phone

Dual SIM working

Apple iPhone

Modern iPhones, UK models, can support a normal physical SIM card, and up to 8 eSIMs (which are virtual SIMs loaded in to the phone).

However, only two of these identities can be active at a time.

Adding an eSIM

To add an eSIM, the simplest way is open the camera app and point at the QR code provided. A link is shown on the image to start the process. Follow the steps to add the eSIM.

You can also do via Settings to Add eSIM. There have been reports that eSIM installation works best when started from the camera.

Calls, SMS, Data

In Settings -> Mobile Service you can see all the SIMs/eSIMs you have, and which are active.

  • You can name each.
  • You can select which two are active.
  • You can select which is used for Data, and if there is a fallback to use the other. Basically, once on a call, you can only use data on the same SIM as the call.
  • You can select the default SIM for making calls.

Some important settings

For Data, you need 4G. For calls you need VoLTE enabled.

Making calls, sending texts

When making a call by entering a number, the top of the screen shows which SIM you are using. The same applies to sending a new text message.

iMessage and FaceTime

For iMessage and FaceTime you can select the default for new messages from your SIM numbers, or email addresses. You need to select the SIM to allow iMessage/FaceTime to the SIM, and the phone asks you to confirm as some networks charge for a message (we don't).

We can assign one number to a SIM/eSIM for use with iMessage and FaceTime, and can only assign a number to only one SIM, even though we can make calls and texts work with more than one SIM. If using more than one SIM for the same number you may prefer to use an email address for iMessage and FaceTime.

If we have not assigned a number, do not select iMessage/FaceTime. If you do, you will see an 0200 number for these which is not tell helpful (and would only work for iMessage/FaceTime, not for other calls or texts).


Each contact can have the default SIM set for calls you make to that contact.

Moving to a new phone

Moving a physical SIM means simply physically moving it.

To move an eSIM you need to selected DELETING the eSIM from the old phone first, and then contact us for a new QR code to install on to the new phone.

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