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Broadband support

no bullsh*tWe pride ourselves in a high level of technical competence within our support team. We have a policy of no bullsh*t and will not fob you off with a convenient but unhelpful answer. Technical expertise is at the core of the company - with the director taking an active part in all aspects of the company's systems and R&D. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our support and services.

Status Updates

When there are problems or planned work, the Status Page will be updated, this is a good place to find details about major problems or service updates.

Online IRC Client

You can join irc via: webirc.aa.net.uk, choose a Nickname and click start. Once connected you'll be able to chat with other customers as well as staff.
Please note we don't run this channel, and it a public channel. It is mostly A&A customers. Staff are on the channel, but please use private messages or otherwise to communicate to staff any personal information.

Getting our attention

Staff do take part in the irc channel, but it can be quite lively from time to time. If you want to get the attention of a member of staff then use the word staff which the staff stalk. Staff generally have names starting AA-. It helps to say if you need sales, support or accounts as well.

You can send someone a Private message (PM) by typing: /msg TheirNickname
This will open a 'tab' where you can talk directly with that person. If someone sends you a PM, a tab will appear on your side.


There are a number of checks that are sensible to try and carry out before even contacting support. Some of these will depend on whether you have a master socket, etc. However, in most cases if you call support we'll ask you to do most of these checks anyway.

Our control pages show graphs of the loss and latency on your line and will help you confirm there is a real problem rather than a local networking issue. It is also possible to run some BT line tests from the control pages as well if you wish. These can be seen by support staff later and can help diagnose the problem.

Step 1: Check equipment

We know it is obvious but please do check power is on to the router, it is connected to the phone line, and that it actually has lights on. It is usually worth trying a simple power cycle (turn off, wait 30 seconds, turn on) to see if that clears a problem. This is not something that should be needed routinely, but always worth a try as the first step if you have a fault.

Step 2: Check phone line / copper pair

With broadband on a normal phone line, connect a normal telephone to the line and confirm you get dial tone. Dial 17070 from the phone - this reads back the phone number. Check this is the right number for your broadband (i.e. you have found the right phone line). Key 2 for option 2 which is a quiet line test and listen for any crackles, pops, clicks, etc. If you find a problem with the phone line in any way then you need to report to your telephone service provider. The phone line has to be fixed and working before any broadband fault can be addressed. Fixing the phone line normally resolves any broadband issues.

If you have a dedicated copper pair for broadband without a dial tone - connect a phone and you should hear a message and a quiet line test automatically without dialling anything. If you have one of the older A&A lines with a dial tone, call 152 to get the same message.

NTE5Step 3: Eliminate wiring

Test from the master socket. This is a socket with BT or Openreach logo and a separate removable faceplate covering the bottom half. Use a small screw driver to remove the faceplate - it may have wiring attached to it so be careful not to dislodge the wiring. Behind the faceplate is another telephone socket. Connect your broadband splitter to that and the router to the splitter. Test from there and see if the problem goes away. If it does, the problem is in your internal wiring and you will need to get that fixed. If you do not have a master socket like this, try from the first socket where the line comes in to the building.

Step 4: Swap shop

If you have any spares of any of the relevant parts, try swapping them. Don't forget the splitter, the lead from the splitter to the router, the router, and the power supply. Do tests from the test socket behind the master socket faceplate. If you don't have spares you will need to call us anyway, but it is worth checking cables are all plugged in firmly and trying turning equipment off and back on again. If there is equipment supplied as part of the service and you are not using it, then you should test with the supplied equipment.

Step 5: Calling us

Once you call support we may ask you various questions and ask you to carry out tests. These should simply be things like plugging in or unplugging equipment, changing leads around, turning things off and on again, etc. They are not normally anything complicated or technical.

Depending on the circumstances we will report the fault in to BT to resolve an issue with the line. We have staff that are well practiced in dealing with BT and chasing faults.

If BT do not diagnose a problem initially, before getting a BT engineer sent out, we may need to send you a test router to eliminate all wiring and equipment at your end as the cause of the problem. This is provided with simple instructions on how to plug it in, and is pre-programmed and tested before being shipped to you. If this confirms the problem is within the BT network we will arrange a BT engineer.

Contacting support

Telephone033 33 400 99903 numbers cost the same to call as 01 and 02 numbers
SMS01344 400 999Yes, you can send text messages to normal phone numbers. Can be used to report Major service outages.
Emailsupport@aa.net.ukHandled by a ticketing system which should reply immediately. Please ensure the ticket number is quoted in any replies you send.
ircirc://irc.z.je/A&AInteractive text chat - how to use irc.
You can use irc://6.irc.z.je/A&A instead if you have IPv6 connectivity.
usenetuk.net.providers.aaispSupport staff often read the newsgroup if you have a more general query that is not urgent, especially if of interest to other readers of the newsgroup.
Opening hours8am to 6pm Mon-Fri
10am to 2pm Sat
Except English bank and public holidays and some days around Christmas
Out of hours supportInformalStaff are often available on irc during evenings and weekends. Staff are also on-call for any major outages or emergencies affecting all customers.