Environmental boards

Environmental monitoring boards can monitor temperature, humidity, etc.

Environmental Monitoring boards


Environmental monitor with display on a bed head

This monitors temperature, humidity and CO₂ levels.

IMPORTANT: This needs some work - to get temperature you need a DS18B20 and 3 pin SPOX plug, or fitting an SCD41 (surface mount). For CO2/humidity you need an SCD41. If you want a display, you need to fit one. This is much more of a hobbyist item at present but we are considering selling complete built up modules if they are popular.

  • Can be powered from USB-C lead or 12V DC via a 2 pin socket.
  • The board can be fitted with a 1.5" waveshare RGB OLED display (not supplied, available from Amazon). This can display readings (see below).
  • The board can be fitted with 6x6 contact switches (not supplied) to work with the display to control temperature.
  • The board normally uses an SCD41 sensor which provides accurate CO₂ readings and temperature and humidity. However this is an expensive component, so the board can be supplied without this, and instead, can be used with a much cheaper DS18B20 sensor via a 3 pin socket. Using a suitable oven it should be possible to fit an SCD41.
  • With open source software it can report readings via MQTT, and can be set up with target temperature profiles over time of day to report to a Daikin controller.
  • Works with Faikin WiFi module to control temperature and report status on display.
  • Can also send MQTT controls for device such as an extraction fan when CO₂ or humidity is too high, and radiator actuator to control heating when too cold.
  • Note that these boards are slightly older, and do not have the on board humidity/temperature sensor which is shown on the current GitHub.

GitHub: https://github.com/revk/ESP32-EnvMon

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This is a smaller environmental monitor with no display - it is designed to be powered from 12V and can daisy chain the power on to the next module.

It monitors temperature and humidity only and reports via MQTT.

GitHub: https://github.com/revk/ESP32-EnvMon

Buy for £24.00: Order qty 1

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