Shelly modules

Shelly make a number of modules, and the latest series (the Shelly "Plus" models) use an ESP32 processor.

This means they can be refreshed with the alarm system code using a Tasmotiser board.

The main modules that are particularly interesting for this are...

Shelly modules

Shelly Plus 1


The Shelly Plus 1 provides a single dry contact relay output rated to 16A. It can run off mains, or off 12V DC, or 24-240V DC, which makes it very flexible.

It is ideal for a single output from the alarm system.


Shelly Plus i4 DC


The Shelly Plus i4 DC is a four input DC powered device. This can work from 5V to 24V DC. Inputs are simple contacts (i.e. connect to dry contact relays, or reed switches, etc).

This is ideal for connecting an external input such as Fire Alarm system, Smoke sensor relay base, door contact, reed switch, motion sensor relay input, etc, etc.


These modules need to be flashed with the alarm system code and loaded on to the system. If we are running the alarm system management for you, we can supply these with alarm system code for you.

If you wish to flash yourself, we recommend the Tasmotiser board.

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