Access control / alarm system

Solar System

Solar system is a complete access control and alarm package, consisting of a number of circuit boards which work together as a mesh WiFI, as well as off-the-shelf devices that can be refreshed.

Even though it is way more secure than many "approved" systems, it is not accredited by any alarm scheme or approved by insurance companies, so check if that matters before using. It can be used just as access control, for example, with an approved alarm, and that may be acceptable to an insurance company.

All of these boards are designed to be powered from 12V DC, and would typically be supplied from an alarm system battery backup box (which is usually more like 13V or 14V).

Management/control system

A management system is run by us if required, which provides web based config, status, logging and management of fobs for the system as a whole. However the system is designed to work well during short Internet access failures and even allow access with total WiFi failures. We can also print DESFire ID/access cards and pre-load these on to the management system. Please do ask for details. We don't currently charge for this system (and you could, instead, run your own from the open source project on GitHub), but we may do in the future - we would expect early adopters to continue to have free access.

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