Access control board


The access control board is designed to provide access control for one door. It is small, and designed to fit in the back of an exit button box or break glass box, or even inside a wooded door.

  • 2 pin power input 12V (can take 5V to 36V DC, but 12V is normal).
  • 2 pin output relay (dry contact solid state) for lock control.
  • 2 pin output relay (dry contact solid state) for second lock control (some locks need a pulse on one input to lock and on another to unlock, for example).
  • 4 pin connector to NFC reader.
  • 6 pin general input/output (3.3V), see below.
  • Tamper switch, designed for us in a 3D printed case.
  • RGB status LED.

The 6 pin input can be configured in a number of ways, typically the inputs would be a combination of the following, but an also be fixed outputs which are typically used as a return GND for an input contact so as to simplify wiring.

  • Exit button
  • Door closed reed switch
  • Lock engaged contact
  • Key used contact
  • Handle used contact



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