NFC Reader


This NFC reader connects to the Access control board. Typically the access control board is located inside the door, perhaps in the back of an exit button or simple back box, or even inside the door itself. The NFC reader is then fitted outside, or on the door, or beside the door, or possibly behind glass, etc. Ideally with a 3D printed case.

  • Simple header fits to a standard 2.54mm header or to a 2.5mm mini SPOX plug which would typically push back in to the hole in a door or wall, making this a very low profile reader even in a 3D printed case.
  • Connects via a lead (not supplied) to the 4 pin socket on the door controller. It has GND, 3V3/5V, 3.3V Tx, and 3.3V Rx pins for High Speed UART (HSU) operation.
  • A 5th pin can be removed if not needed, or can be used as an input, typically as an adjacent door bell push (connected to GND).
  • A tamper switch is included to detect if case is removed.
  • The front is flat with no components apart from three recessed LEDs for Red/Amber/Green status.
  • In addition to the alarm system code, PN532 library code for DESFire operation is provided on the GitHub pages. This means you can use this with your own projects instead of the Solar System door controller board.


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