SIP2SIM Closure Notification

SIP2SIM Closure of Service


Since 2014 A&A has been offering a SIP2SIM service with our current mobile network operator supplier. For over ten years the service has worked well, and although somewhat niche, we do recognise the service's value to those who use it.

Unfortunately, on 1st May 2024, the partner with whom we've had this relationship is terminating our agreement. There are several factors at play here, we think :

  1. 3G masts are going away, and a portion of our SIMs in the wild are still 3G only, so would need replacing.
  2. The O2 MVNO that our supplier uses to provide SIMs connected to the O2 network is coming to an end.
  3. Our supplier is (as many telcos are) focussing more on IoT/M2M data only services, and less on voice.

We did attempt to find a way to retain service with them, but even had we been able to do this, SIMs would still all have had to have been swapped, and pricing models would have needed to be very greatly changed.

We also explored finding service with a number of other suppliers, but as mentioned above, many telcos are now much more focussed on M2M/IoT type services, and not on voice. This makes intuitive sense; a decade ago, voice calling was far more common than it is now, and data-based services (including VoIP as an over-the-top service) were not really as established as they are today.

Therefore, unfortunately, SIP2SIM as a service will stop from the last day of April 2024.

We wanted to give you as much notice as possible of this closure, so that alternative solutions can be found.

  • If you're a user of an A&A 07 number (or as an extension to your SIP PBX), this can be diverted to another mobile, or pushed to a SIP client app running on your phone. SIP did not used to work well via mobile data, but as mobile data quality has improved, it can actually work very well now.
  • If you are predominantly a user of SIP2SIM in a mobile phone you use in your office or at home, you could consider switching to one of our VoIP DECT handsets, and routing your 07 number through to that, or joining it directly to your SIP PBX.
  • For clarity: The 07 numbers that A&A provides are not going away; this just relates to SIP2SIM.
  • If you wish to port out your 07 number, this can be done.
  • Also A&A data SIMs are not going away.

There are also other providers out there, including OnSIM, who we have heard may be able to offer something technically "similar enough" that it might work for some, although, in a different pricing model.

We want to make it clear that our relationship with our SIP2SIM supplier has been a good one for many years, and we do appreciate the length of notice period they have given us, enabling a calm planned announcement, migration away, and close down of A&A's SIP2SIM service.

But, we are always sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Please do make sure you have made plans to vacate the SIP2SIM services you have by the last day of April 2024. We obviously advise you do this as soon as possible, though.

If you purchased a SIM in the last three months, please contact us if you would like a refund. Once the service is terminated, you can simply dispose of the plastic SIM card in the usual way.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss options for alternatives please do call our technical support team on 01344 400999. Or email

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