Small ways A&A can help

Small ways A&A can help

There are a number of ways in which we feel we can help in the current Covid-19 / Coronavirus situation.

  • Free quota topups
    We are applying free topups to HOME::1 SOHO::1 and OFFICE::1 lines. More info.
  • Line quality checks
    We have systems which graph the quality of your broadband line. These graphs are available on the control page, but our support staff are happy to manually review the these and let you know if we see any thing problematic that may affect home working. We'll be able to see if your line is dropping, is under-performing or has a suspect fault. This may be useful to you if you don't usually work from home and want to have confidence in your internet connection.
  • IPv4 / IPv6 addressing
    We can route additional address space (v4 or v6) to your line. This may help if you need extra firewall rules or multiple VPNs to enable additional users to telework.
  • Bonding for higher speeds
    If you have a phone line (for example used for a fax machine or card terminal) that is currently not enabled for broadband, we can enable it and bond multiple lines together to give increased upload and download speeds. This can be done on a very short (typically 1 month) minimum term. We can also install new lines for the same purpose, also on a 1 month minimum term basis.
  • Webmail
    If you have email services with us, and need to access them from a computer that you do not normally use, you can do so via webmail. This saves the trouble of setting up an email client on the machine you are using, and is accessible at
  • Making contact with A&A
    You can contact us during office hours. At present we have a mixture of staff working in the office and working from home. We are already prepared (with hardware and software) for the situation where all staff can work from home. So we do not anticipate interruption in our service. We will also try to respond to contacts made via email ( and SMS to 01344 400999 outside of office hours, if they are marked urgent.
  • VoIP
    Our VoIP service lets multiple clients (IP phones etc) register against a single SIP number. So if you wish to have two handsets ringing in tandem (for example on on your desk in the office, and one on your desk at home) this is already possible.

If you can think of any other ways in which we might be able to do more to help during this time please to contact us and make a suggestion. We will obviously consider anything reasonable!

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