Home::1 G.FAST Prices

G.FAST is similar to VDSL but offers higher speeds but is only available in a very small number of places in the UK. Ordering of G.FAST is a manual process so please contact our Sales department for more information.

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G.FAST setup Costs:

New install: £60.00

Openreach no longer install a G.FAST modem. We can Provide either:

  • A MT992 modem for £60.00 (Plug in your own PPPoE router)
  • A ZyXEL B50A G.FAST WiFi Router for £132.00

Or you can use your own G.FAST hardware

Copper pair setup costs

G.FAST requires a working copper pair (phone line). We can provide one, or migrate your existing line to us. Our copper pair is provide only for G.FAST use and phone calls are not enabled.

New Copper pair £60.00
Re-starting an existing copper pair £15.00 Provision of an existing copper pair that has been stopped, for broadband use (no engineer visit)
Migrate existing copper pair £15.00
Migrate existing copper pair (non BT) £24.00 eg Sky, TalkTalk **
  • ** Your phone number will be lost when migrating from a non BT based phone line. Talk to sales for more information.


Without copper pair from us With copper pair from us
G.FAST 160/30 with 1TB Quota £45.00 £55.00
G.FAST 160/30 with 10TB Quota £55.00 £65.00
  • We also offer a G.FAST 330/50 service which is an extra £10.00 per month.
  • Speeds are rate-adaptive and so will be lower on longer lines.

Contact Sales

email sales@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400222
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
sms 01344 400222

Contact Support

email support@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400999
(Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,
Sat 10am-2pm)
sms 01344 400999