A&A and COVID-19

Here is special information regarding our services during the Coronavirus outbreak. We appreciate the patience and understanding that our customers are giving us during this time. The outlook changes daily,

Updated 2020-03-25 PM:

Engineer appointments for installs

Openreach have issued a statement which says from 25th March they will now prioritise only essential work and will minimise work that requires their engineers to enter customer premises. This means installs or regrades that require an onsite visits will be put on hold. We expect that installs and regrades to still be carried out if access to premeis is not required, albeit with delays.

  • Inflight orders requiring an engineer visit inside the premises won't be completed. Openreach will attempt to complete appointed inflight orders outside of the premises
  • Orders without an engineer appointment required will continue to go ahead where no visit is required to go to the premises (e.g. migrations, upgrades to Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • Appointment books will be closed for new provision appointments (with the exception of special cases, see below) with bookings moved out to 1 June 2020 and beyond.

There are avenues for prioritising work for vulnerable customers, those with no other form of broadband and critical national infrastructure sites. Contact us for more information.

Engineer appointments for fault repair

Repair work will continue to be focused on restoring service with safe working practices, and with revised processes to further reduce social interaction wherever possible. Openreach engineers will not access customer premises. However, most of the time a fault is not at the customer premises so we expect faults to be fixed where possible, but expect delays.

Our contact with our suppliers

Openreach/BT have cut back a lot of their contact points with us, eg Indian call centres are closed this week. We have very limited access to communicate directly with Openreach staff. This will affect the speed in which we can get updates regarding installations and faults.

Equipment deliveries

We are still posting out equipment (Routers, FireBricks, SIMs etc). These are normally sent by Royal Mail. There may be delays due to the postal service, but we'll try to ship equipment ASAP.

Contacting us

Our normal channels of communications are open as normal. Our staff are working from their homes, so please do excuse the occasional dog bark or parrot squark etc. We usually answer phone calls within a few rings, but if you have problems getting through then please do email, we will respond to email (support@aa.net.uk) and SMS (01344 400999) out of hours where possible.

Other ways we can help

We've listed some other ways that we can help our customers during this time on our news page: Small ways A&A can help

We'll be automatically topping up HOME::1 and SOHO::1 quotas: A&A will boost your quota for free if you need it

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