SoHO::1 VDSL Prices

There are various ways to get VDSL from us. We can migrate your existing service to us or can install a service from scratch. We can also provide the copper pair or use your existing phone line. Here are our installation and monthly fees for our VDSL services. For specific prices you can use our order form which will build the package for you and you can review the options and prices there before committing to an order.

VDSL speeds are 'up to' 80Mb/s download and 20 Mb/s upload. The actual speed varies due to the length of the copper pair from your premises to the street cabinet. Our Availability Checker and Order Form will give you a estimate of the speeds to expect.

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SoHo::1 VDSL Setup Costs

We offer various minimum term lengths which determine the initial setup fees and what router we provide for free. Regardless of the minimum term the monthly cost is the same.

Migration * From £0 Move your existing VDSL over to us. Cost depends on term
New install: 1 Month term £50.00 +VAT A discounted router is available for £25.00 +VAT
New install: 6 Month term £0.00 A discounted router is available for £25.00 +VAT
New install: 12 Month term £0.00 Includes free router
  • Typical lead time: 10 working days
  • * Migrating of a non-BT based VDSL is treated as a new install. eg migrating from Sky

Copper pair setup costs

VDSL requires a working copper pair (phone line). We can provide one, or migrate your existing line to us. Our copper pair is provide only for VDSL use and phone calls are not enabled.

New Copper pair £50.00 +VAT a new copper pair installation does not guarantee a new line being run to the property)
Re-starting an existing copper pair £12.50 +VAT Provision of an existing copper pair that has been stopped, for broadband use (no engineer visit)
Migrate existing copper pair £12.50 +VAT
Migrate existing copper pair (non BT) £20.00 +VAT eg Sky, TalkTalk **

** Your phone number will be lost when migrating from a non BT based phone line. Talk to sales for more information.

SoHO::1 VDSL Monthly Costs

The monthly cost is based on the Quota and if we're providing the copper pair or not.

VDSL Without copper pair from us With copper pair from us With copper pair from us (SoGEA)
SoHo::1, 2TB Quota £35.00 +VAT £45.00 +VAT £45.00 +VAT
SoHo::1, 20TB Quota £55.00 +VAT £65.00 +VAT £65.00 +VAT

Note. Because the speed of a VDSL connection is affected by the length of the copper pair, a single long line running at 60Mb/s or lower will not be fast enough to download the allocated 20TB quota, so this would effectively make the service 'unlimited' or 'all you can eat'.

Other costs and options

FireBrick Rental £20.00 +VAT Initial then £20.00 +VAT per month
Bonding No extra If you have multiple lines with us, we can bond them for resilience and speed
Static IPv4 addresses Free, available on request
Static IPv6 addresses Free
Quota change Free You may change your quota whilst within your 12 month term. There is no charge and the new quota will start from the next month.
Phone services From £1.20 +VAT If you need to be able to make phone calls then we offer a Voice-over-IP service, and can provide phone numbers and suitable handsets.

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