SoHo::1 FTTP Prices

Here are our installation and monthly fees for our SoHO::1 FTTP services using Openreach's fibre network. If you are looking at our 1Gb/s FTTP services then also take a look at our Gigabit FAQ page.

  • Note: We don't offer the FTTP service known as FTTP-OD (FTTP on demand). The reason for this is due to the expensive install costs and long lead-times.
  • Some areas may only be offered lower speed services initially, eg up to 330Mb/s, This would be because Openreach are limiting the options whilst they upgrade their network in the area.
  • This service uses Openreach's fibre network. You can view their deployment schedule to see estimates of when your area will be available.
  • For new installs: The customer on site needs to be able to agree with the Openreach engineer where to install the ONT and feed the fibre from outside, The ONT will be positioned close to the point where the fibre comes into the premises. Moving the ONT later has additional charges.
  • Other SoHo::1 pricing pages: ADSL VDSL FTTP G.FAST.

FTTP setup costs

New install £100.00 +VAT Learn more

FTTP new installation/activation, includes free router.
Typical lead time: 10-14+ working days.

£100.00 +VAT install
Migration £12.50 +VAT Learn more

Move your existing FTTP from another ISP to us.
Typical lead time: 10 working days.

£12.50 +VAT Migration

Our FTTP service has a 12 month minimum term.

SoH0::1 FTTP monthly costs

Download/Upload SoHo::1, 2TB Quota SoHo::1, 20TB Quota
115/20 £37.00 +VAT £57.00 +VAT
160/30 £45.00 +VAT £65.00 +VAT
330/50 £55.00 +VAT £75.00 +VAT
550/75 £65.00 +VAT £85.00 +VAT
1000/115 £75.00 +VAT £95.00 +VAT

Speeds are Mb/s, actual throughput will vary, see our Gigabit FAQ and FTTP Speeds pages.

Other costs and options

FireBrick Rental Initial: £20.00 +VAT then £20.00 +VAT per month.
Static IPv4 addresses Free, available on request
Static IPv6 addresses Free
Quota change Free You may change your quota whilst within your 12 month term. There is no charge and the new quota will start from the next month.
Speed upgrade £12.00 Upgrade the speed of your FTTP, 1 working day lead time. (Downgrades have extra charges, do contact us)
Phone services From £1.44 FTTP does not require or include a phone line. If you need to be able to make phone calls then we offer a Voice-over-IP service, and can provide phone numbers and suitable handsets.

Contact Sales

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Contact Support

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