Here you'll find our main terms and conditions. You can view the history of the documents by clicking the calendar icon.

General Terms
📆 These are our general terms that apply to all services and equipment we supply.

📆 This schedule applies to all services, including the rental or loan of equipment.

📆 This schedule applies to our connectivity services, including our Internet / broadband, ethernet, mobile data, and L2TP services.

Domain Registration
📆 This schedule applies to our domain name registration services.

Email hosting
📆 This schedule applies to our email hosting services.

Equipment sales rental loan and supply
📆 This schedule applies if we supply equipment, whether rented, loaned, ordered or purchased from us or not.

SIMs and mobile
📆 This schedule applies in full to our SIMs which enable you to connect them to a voice service of your choice.

📆 This schedule applies to telephony services such as VoIP, phone numbers etc.

Web hosting
📆 This schedule applies to our web hosting services.

📆 This schedule applies to our server colocation services.

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Contact Support

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